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Anonymous said: Ski in my bed and out of your clothes

but if i dont know whose bed im dropping into that could be a problem…

underneaththestreetlights said: That's a pretty solid quiver

thanks dude. im thinking im gunna need a solid mid-90 waist titanium ski this year and that ARVti from Armada is looking pretty tasty 

Anonymous said: What kind of skis do you own?

Im currently sitting on 5 pair

  1. K2 Annex 118 w/ Salomon Guardian 13’s (181)
  2. K2 Kung Fujas w/ Marker Griffon’s (179)
  3. Salomon Remix w Rossi Fks’ (179)
  4. Line Anthem w/ Salomon Z12’s (171)
  5. Rossi Soul 7 unmounted (188)



duMedia - Whistler Friends. Part 2: SLUSH


Anonymous said: Come ski in my bed

youre lucky I file down my edges or else it could get gnarly

mountain-living said: Where do you ski out of?

Im currently located in Arizona but I California, Washington, Vancouver, and Summit County on the regular



Cleo woke up with her tail between her paws and adorably disgruntled



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Northern Wind by City and Colour

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