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Anonymous said: sex on the gondola?

I havent but I would.

Anonymous said: What do you like done to you when making out? Like hand placement wise

One on the butt, one on the neck

mackinzieryan said: When a girl gets on top of you while making out

yes!! especially on the coach. my hands then tend to wander…

corkiteh said: What kind of bread? Choose wisely.

garlic, pretzel, pita, cheesy… pick your poison   

Anonymous said: Having your balls touched?

single biggest turn on in the history of the world. this isnt even funny to joke about

corkiteh said: Have you ever ate five pieces of bread? Cause I just did that. I love bread.

yes. I’d eat an ungodly amount of bread

The Turn On/Turn Off Game!


Ask me anything and I’ll tell you if it’s a turn on or turn off!

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